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How To Apply For A Foundation Grant

Our Foundation offers grants to organizations and educational institutions, not individuals. Approved Organizations are asked to submit an application for consideration. The Foundation will consider grants to an approved organization or Qualified Recipient, and has a preference for making gifts that directly support the Mission of the Foundation. Grant requests may include funding for expanding sports programs, baseball equipment, baseball education initiatives, and so on. We offer grants:

  • to organizations and educational institutions for the betterment of baseball
  • to further expand awareness of America’s favorite pastime

Please go to the Application Form for the outline of information requested from you by our Foundation. Make sure you answer all of the questions. At present, we do not provide Multi-Year Grants. For more information, go to How To Apply in the FAQs.

Grant Schedule

We accept grant applications from January 1 through June 30 annually. Our Board of Trustees’ Grant Committee will review and recommend grants for denial or acceptance by July 31. If the grant is denied, you will be advised by mail no later than August 31. Those receiving grant denials are welcome to re-apply the following year. If the grant is approved, Grant Recipients will be notified by August 31, and a date for distribution of the grant will be determined and fulfilled by September 30.

Grant Awards

It is the intention of The Peter Bragan for Better Baseball Foundation to align funding to Grant Recipients to further the sport of baseball. Grants range in amounts from $500 to $25,000. Larger grants will be considered. The amount of distribution of funding will vary from year to year. The Foundation will consider funding an education institution’s college baseball scholarships, youth baseball needs, baseball education programs, aids for meritorious academic achievement during high school while playing baseball, inspirational workshops and, especially, first-generation college baseball scholarship attendees.

Grant Recipients

We request that all Grant Recipients give us written permission to use their logo (print, electronic) and amount of reward to further awareness of our Foundation. All recipients of gifts from the Foundation will be required to sign our Grant Agreement to ensure best practices are adhered to.

Grant Report

Grantees are not required, but the Foundation requests consideration of a Grant Report in order to measure the impact and success of the awarded grant.


  1. What is an Approved Organization or Qualified Recipient?
    Both nonprofit and for profit organizations may apply.
    Nonprofit | An Approved Organization or “Qualified Recipient” is a nonprofit organization which is qualified as a tax-exempt recipient under section 170 of the Internal Revenue Code and is also a tax-exempt entity under section 501 of the Internal Revenue Code.
    For Profit | An Approved Organization or “Qualified Organization” is a for-profit organization, specifically an education institution or one specifically involved with the sport of baseball as a primary strategy within the organization.
  2. Do you offer Multi-Year Grants?
    At present, we do not provide Multi-Year Grants.
  3. What is the Grant Agreement?
    If approved for a grant, the organization or institution will be given a Grant Agreement to sign outlining specific instructions as to how the grant will be disbursed (date, time, place, who), instructions for usage of the Foundation’s logo, requirement that all press releases and other written materials using the Foundation’s name will be pre-approved, and a request to provide a Grant Report to the Foundation for its records.
  4. Do I have to provide a Grant Report?
    You are not required, but the Foundation requests for each Grantee to file a report on how the grant was used, the success obtained by the grant and other details of importance, including photographs, if applicable, for our files by June 30 of the following year.
  5. Do you have an Annual Report?
    Current annual report confirmation
  6. How to Apply
    Fill out online or download the Application Form.

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